Home Alive : The Art of Self Defense (ホーム・アライヴ・ジ・アート・オブ・セルフ・ディフェンス)


Fastbacks、Pearl Jam、7 Year Bitch、Posies、ジェーン・ジェット、Soundgarden、元Dead kennedysのジョン・ビアフラなど。


  1. Rob Now Pay Later (Jello Biafra)
  2. W.C. (Shark Chum)
  3. Time & Matter (Fastbacks)
  4. Guilt Within’ Your Head (The Gits)
  5. Party Dream (Green Apple Quick Step)
  6. Nightclubbing (Jim Carroll)
  7. Time Is Dead (Monster Truck Driver)
  8. Radio Friendly Unit Shifter [Live] (Nirvana)
  9. I’m Sorry (Cristien Storm)
  10. She’s My Bitch (Supersuckers)
  11. Frat Pig (Tribe 8)
  12. Keep Your Mouth Off My Sister (Bobby Miller)
  13. Leaving Here (Pearl Jam)
  14. Mad Dash (7 Year Bitch)
  15. A Little Restraint (The Body Has A Head)
  16. Why We Murder (Lydia Lunch)
  17. Dig It! (Los Hornets)
  18. Digging & Striking (Gretta Harley)
  19. Limitless Expressions (The Posies)
  20. Mary’s Poem (Martha Linehan)
  21. It’s Just A Little Bit Of Everything (That… (Jesse Bernstein)
  22. Broken Dreams (North American Bison)
  23. Sensitive Guys Don’t Go Home Alone (Michael Nichols)
  1. Confusion (The Presidents Of The United States Of America)
  2. Momma Why (Ann & Nancy Wilson)
  3. They Do Everything For Us (Exene Cervenka)
  4. My Man (The Viva Project)
  5. Social Love (Mia Zapata)
  6. Got What Was Coming (Natalie Jacobson)
  7. Bruises (Catfood)
  8. Go Home [Seattle Version] (Joan Jett w/The Blackhearts, K. Hanna & Evil Stig)
  9. 4th Of July (Andrew Horwitz)
  10. Joyride (Kristen Barry)
  11. Kyle Petty (Son Of Richard) (Soundgarden)
  12. Theory Of Mutation (Wendy-O Matik)
  13. Spit In Your Eye (Dancing French Liberals Of ’48)
  14. So Long (Maria Mabra)
  15. Untitled (Kristen Kosmas)
  16. Color Blind (Love Battery)
  17. Overtaken (Alcohol Funnycar)
  18. Scared Of Your Shadow (Tamara Paris)
  19. Say So Long (Portrait Of Poverty)
  20. Another Beer Soaked Night At The Comet Tavern (Alison L. Murchie)
  21. Solidarity (!TCHKUNG!)
  22. Clean Eyes (Christdriver)




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